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We strive to be the most innovative educational platform available online, and our goal is to empower students with the best education and learning resources available! Our instructors are trained to teach fun, interactive learning lessons that will help you retain information and learning objectives. With a powerful line-up of student-accessible tools and resources to help you study for your IICRC, ACAC, or RIA certification exam…we can guarantee you will pass, or you can take the class for free!

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  • I enrolled in the WRT program and it is amazing. Very informative, great instructor and support staff and I cannot wait to take another class with this company. Thank you... read more

    Jason Markham Avatar Jason Markham

    Very informative class

    Erica St. John Avatar Erica St. John

    amazing instructor

    Jhap Liquez Avatar Jhap Liquez

    this course was extremely informative and I learned a lot. The instructor was professional and easy to learn from. Very informative and educational. Thanks for the class

    JOHN VON zwehl Avatar JOHN VON zwehl
  • Best course ever have recommended this place to many of my coworkers and colleagues to get their certificates from here best in the business, really professional

    cole sorensen Avatar cole sorensen

    Absolutely phenomenal class! I learned so much and the instructors were very informative and professional! I highly recommend. I would give them 10 stars if I could!

    S Franchise Avatar S Franchise

    Best Instructor I have come across, clear detailed and very pleasant. No waiting time and great content!

    Bryan Vallejo Avatar Bryan Vallejo

    The FSRT course was well done. Jessika James is an excellent instructor - very knowledgeable, current, with many years of practical, hands-on experience.

    brent williamson Avatar brent williamson
  • I've taken 2 classes with Jessika and she is a great instructor!! I highly recommend getting your education with Restoration Certified!!!

    Mike Owens Avatar Mike Owens

    I have completed 3 courses through Restoration Certified. The instructors are very knowledgeable and are helpful if you have any questions. I highly recommend in taking classes through Restoration Certified... read more

    Jason Guerrero Avatar Jason Guerrero

    The best IICRC instructor in the Industry! I 100% recommend Restoration Certified!

    Niel John Avatar Niel John

    The instructor, Jessika James, was great! Very well taught, and more than willing to let the students join in the discussion to ask questions, or delve deeper into the material.... read more

    Hunter Simmons Avatar Hunter Simmons
  • I had an exceptional learning experience with Restoration Certified. The courses were thorough, engaging, and provided valuable insights into the restoration industry. The instructors were knowledgeable, and the material was... read more

    Neon CFW Avatar Neon CFW

    Very informative class

    Beau Newbiggin Avatar Beau Newbiggin

    Very professional and helpful highly recommended!

    Montze pichardo Avatar Montze pichardo

    Restoration Certified hands-down the best online IICRC School! My experience with Restoration Certified has been exceptional, thanks to Jessika James' thorough and personalized approach to sharing information. The updated... read more

    Dave Ticar Avatar Dave Ticar
  • Great class, Great instructor.

    Cody Holder Avatar Cody Holder

    Our firm took the CPT course & it was a good use of our time. The class was helpful & offered at convenient times of the day!

    Tony Avatar Tony

    I recently completed the WRT course, and it was a fantastic experience. Our instructor, Jessika, went above and beyond to ensure that we were not only ready to pass the... read more

    Jordan Seyb Avatar Jordan Seyb

    I took the FSRT class with with instructor Jessika James. She was a great teacher and very knowledgeable and good at teaching her students. I learned a lot and definetley... read more

    earick mocilnikar Avatar earick mocilnikar
  • Jessica is an amazing instructor. Her breakdown and illustration of the curriculum left me more than prepared for the exam as well as real world application. I scored 91 on... read more

    Jason Hart Avatar Jason Hart

    I took the CPT course 2/21/24-2/23/24. It was very informative & engaging. Jessika did a wonderful job ensuring we understood the material and were well prepared for the exam.

    Amanda Freitas Avatar Amanda Freitas

    Jessika James did an outstanding job educating current practices with real life experience situations. I highly recommend Restoration Certified for all your IICRC training.

    Dan Mocilnikar Avatar Dan Mocilnikar

    I have taken multiple in class as well as live stream classes and Restoration Certified is amazing. The staff is very professional and helpful. Jessika is very knowledgeable and makes... read more

    Amber Harvey Avatar Amber Harvey
  • Jessica's mastery of the material and extensive field experience made her an exceptional instructor. Her ability to draw from personal experiences enhanced the learning process, making it both informative and... read more

    Mauricio Lara Avatar Mauricio Lara

    Learning can be hard. But Restoration Certified makes it easy. Jessika was a great instructor that helped the entire class not be left behind. Great experience.

    Daniel Peake Avatar Daniel Peake

    Very good presentation and information for the IICRC courses from Jessika James. Well worth the time and good information. Thanks Jessika!

    Mark Franco Avatar Mark Franco

    Amazing instructor!

    Herbie Berdijo Avatar Herbie Berdijo
  • The class was a great learning experience. I highly recommend this class. Jessika was everything an instructor should be, well spoken, clear, patient, polite, knowledgeable, WRT experienced, and ... read more

    Amelia Jarmon Avatar Amelia Jarmon

    Put one of my guys through the water course here and it was a fantastic experience. Hassle free, and the material was great. We'll be back for more

    Nathan Mathis Avatar Nathan Mathis

    honestly my first time doing a class through video but Jessika did a good job teaching. even after the class was over, she was there to answer any questions that... read more

    Johnny Escobar Avatar Johnny Escobar

    Jessika is Great, enjoyed learning from her on. She is very knowledgeable on FSRT. I just want to say thank you for teaching me!

    Tigran Tiraturyan Avatar Tigran Tiraturyan
  • I took my CPT classes. The material provided us was updated 100%. The theory explained was according the real life (every day dealing with Insurance and customer) and the standards... read more

    Andrea Freire Avatar Andrea Freire

    Jessika James, the best IICRC instructor! Hands off the best online Training school.

    Jan Christian Jungco Avatar Jan Christian Jungco

    I highly reccomend this organization for certification and continuing education. We will continue to send all of our technicians here as our business grows and expands.

    Clayton Massey Avatar Clayton Massey