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The IICRC Exam Registration Process

Restoration Certified is an approved IICRC School that provides Approved IICRC Certification courses. During your IICRC course the instructor will provide all the education, training, and review necessary to allow a student to challenge the optional IICRC certification exam. The IICRC exam is completely under the oversight of the IICRC.

You can register for an IICRC Certification Exam in a few simple steps, and it will take about 20 minutes. You will need to have a downloadable file of your government issued ID with a photo and a credit card for payment.

When you are ready to register follow the instructions on the video below. If you have any questions or need any help visit www.IICRC.org and initiate a chat - this is the simplest and fastest way to connect with an IICRC representative!

Exam Registration Info

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What is the IICRC?

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