Color Repair Technician

Class Description

CRT $449.00 (includes color kit)


  • Registration for this class will be closed 7-days prior to start date to allow shipping time for the required color kit. IICRC will not allow attendance without color kit.
  • CCT certification is a required pre-requisite to qualify for IICRC CRT certification exam. To enroll in a CCT course CLICK HERE
  • Prior to class start date it is required that each student purchase an electric kettle with rapid boil function. CLICK HERE for an example:

The Color Repair Technician CRT certification class will help students demonstrate expert knowledge on color theory, practical application, and will include at-home hands-on carpet color repair practices, procedures and techniques. This is like no other live-stream course! Every student will receive a kit that will be used during the class. Students will learn the necessary skills to work on a variety of different carpet styles and fiber types.

CRT instructors will use simple explanations and fun learning lessons to provide the education needed to understand the proper procedures of carpet color repair…and pass the IICRC CPT exam!

Topics will include:

  • Color theory
  • Dye types & characteristics
  • Fiber types & dye characteristics
  • Carpet fiber & construction identification
  • Dyeing methods & practices
  • Tools & equipment
  • Troubleshooting color issues

The RC guarantee – pass the exam or take a CRT class for free! This class structure will include all the necessary study guides, workbooks, exam preparation tools and reviews so you feel confident to take the IICRC CRT certification exam and pass…the first time!
This class will prepare students to challenge the IICRC CRT certification exam. The IICRC certification exam is an optional exam offered by IICRC. To register for the IICRC CRT exam you must visit www.IICRC.org and create an account. The CRT certification exam fee is $80.00.

Course registration does not include IICRC certification exam application fee. All certification exam oversight and fees are handled by the IICRC. Click here for IICRC exam registration information.

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Color Repair Technician

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