Trauma and Crime Scene Technician

Class Description

What is the IICRC TCST course objective?

The IICRC TCST Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning Technician certification course will prepare students to inspect, clean, and decontaminate crime and accident scenes with blood, body fluids, and other potentially infectious materials such as bloodborne pathogens and infectious disease.

What is the online IICRC TCST like?

Restoration Certified is an IICRC Approved School recognized as “The Best Online Restoration School” that caters to true cleaning and restoration professionals. Our class size is capped at 25 students so each student can receive the individual attention and premier education he or she needs. Our award-winning instructors will use simple explanations and fun, engaging learning lessons, and state-of-the-art presentation platforms and materials to provide the knowledge necessary to understand the procedures and processes of dealing with crime and trauma scene remediation…and pass the IICRC Certification exam!

What will I learn in the IICRC TCST class?

  • Health & safety protocols
  • Hazard assessment
  • PPE &engineering controls
  • Site inspection & assessment
  • Technician & project preparation
  • The proper use of containment & air filtration devices
  • Cleaning chemicals & antimicrobials
  • Tools & equipment
  • Proper cleaning & deodorization practices
  • Client communications

How many questions are on the IICRC TCST exam?

Currently, there are 83 multiple-choice questions on the IICRC TCST certification exam.

Is the IICRC TCST exam hard?

Not if you take our course! At Restoration Certified we take our motto seriously: “Certified. Guaranteed.” This class structure will include all the necessary study guides, workbooks, exam preparation tools and comprehension exercises so you feel confident to take the IICRC TCST certification exam. Click here to see the Restoration Certified Exam Pass Guarantee.

Can I take the TCST exam online?

Absolutely! In fact, if you take an online TCST course the IICRC requires the student to take the online TCST certification exam within 45 days upon completion of the course. If you are a little nervous or anxious about taking the exam and want a little extra time to study, we highly recommend considering the online TCST course. You have 45 extra days to study!
If the TCST course is presented in-person the instructor will distribute and monitor the hand-written exam immediately following the course…and the exam can only be taken at the time of distribution.

How much does the IICRC TCST exam cost?

The IICRC TCST exam fee is $80.00. The TCST course registration does not include IICRC certification exam application fee. All certification exam oversight and fees are handled by the IICRC. Click here for directions on how to register for an IICRC exam.

How long will it take to get my IICRC TCST Certification after I pass the exam?

After you have successfully passed the TCST exam by obtaining a score of 75% or more, the IICRC will send out your certification documents in 4-6 weeks.

What are the benefits of being IICRC TCST Certified?

Being IICRC TCST certified instantly sets a technician apart from the crowd. The IICRC is a globally recognized organization that establishes and promotes high standards within the restoration industry and TCST certification is a badge of honor that demonstrates a commitment to excellence and adherence to industry Standards and best practices. Hiring a certified technician can provide peace of mind to your clients, insurance adjusters, and other materially interested parties. IICRC certification is a testament to a technician’s commitment to professionalism and customer satisfaction.

What classes should I take after the TCST course?

The TCST course is the first step on your journey to an exciting career in the disaster restoration industry! We highly recommend you follow the TCST with IICRC HST Health and Safety Technician, IICRC OCT Odor Control Technician, and IICRC CPT Contents Processing Technician.

Course registration does not include IICRC certification exam application fee. All certification exam oversight and fees are handled by the IICRC. Click here for IICRC exam registration information.

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Trauma and Crime Scene Technician

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