Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning Technician

Class Description

What is a CEC?

A Continuing Education Credit (CEC) is a vital component for maintaining IICRC certifications. To ensure certifications remain valid and up-to-date, certified technicians are required to accumulate continuing education credits (CECs). Ongoing education is mandatory for all certified technicians to be eligible for certification renewal and to prevent certifications from expiring due to improper maintenance.

How many CEC’s do I need?

1 Continuing Education Credit (CEC) corresponds to 1 hour of education, with specific requirements varying based on the type of certification:

  • IICRC Technicians: Certified Technicians are required to earn 14 CEC credits every four years.
  • Advanced Certifications (MTC, MSR, MWR): Professionals holding advanced certifications such as Master Textile Cleaner (MTC), Master Fire and Smoke Restorer (MSR), or Master Water Restorer (MWR) need to earn 14 CEC credits every two years.
  • IICRC Inspectors: Certified Inspectors must earn 14 CEC credits every two years.

For more in-depth information on CEC’s please click here to see the FAQ’s

What is the IICRC CEC UFT course objective?

The objective of this course is to provide current IICRC Certified Technicians up to 14 continuing education credits (CEC’s) to maintain any IICRC Certification. CEC UFT students have the option of attending the class for 1 day for a value of 7 CEC’s, or the full UFT 2-day course for a value of 14 CEC’s.

What will I learn in the IICRC UFT class?

This class is the IICRC UFT class! CEC students will get a refresher and learn the latest technology, information, and up-to-date industry changes on the following topics:

  • Fiber types & soiling characteristics
  • Fabric construction
  • Fiber & fabric identification
  • Cleaning inspection & assessment
  • The science of soils & contamination
  • Tools & equipment
  • Cleaning chemistry
  • Specialized cleaning practices
  • Spotting & deodorization
  • Post-cleaning communication

Am I eligible to take the UFT exam?

No, this discounted UFT class cost is for students that are maintaining or renewing their IICRC certification. IICRC Certification ID number will be requested several days after course registration so Restoration Certified can complete the appropriate IICRC documentation. Your IICRC Registrant Number can be found on your IICRC Certification Renewal email, letter, IICRC account, or by requesting it from IICRC’s customer service.

What classes should I take after the UFT CEC course?

The UFT course is the first step on your journey to an exciting career in the disaster restoration industry! We highly recommend you follow the UFT with IICRC HST Health and Safety Technician, IICRC CCT Carpet Cleaning Technician, and IICRC OCT Odor Control Technician.

What classes do I need to become an IICRC Master Textile Cleaner?

Obtaining IICRC Master Textile Cleaner designation is the pinnacle of any cleaning or restoration technician’s career. To obtain Master Textile Cleaner designation the student must successfully certify in the following IICRC courses: CCT or CCMT, UFT, OCT, RRT, and CRT. To learn more about the IICRC Master designations click here.

Course registration does not include IICRC certification exam application fee. All certification exam oversight and fees are handled by the IICRC. Click here for IICRC exam registration information.

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Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning Technician

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